Flowers in Chania

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Flowers in Chania

Work together - Achieve together

Time is very precious but Destination is most important. Don't spend your valuable time for wrong destination. We have an idea to make great future to all and you can reach real Financial freedom.

ALLANDRICH is a queue based revenue sharing system. Are you willing to help others succeed? then surely you can succeed here. We collect income from your time, purchase, money and sponsored business affiliate income. We invest the revenue to generate passive income and distribute income in our queue payouts. our investment return help us to the system alive forever and make payouts without depends no more sales and efforts...

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You can earn unlimited income from the system. We split our total revenue equally to distribute Q1 through Q8. We will send you a certain amount when each queue space reaches your turn. Once you get your current Q income the next level is automatically activated. Free space and task based space will expire after reaching level 8. Promoter Space, Space based on purchase of products, purchase of advertiser pack and purchase of sponsored products will not expire until our side updates.

Every day you can creates unlimited space in the Q system through effort and purchase. Each & every space one by one auto moves to the next higher queue after the current level or Q payout. No referral or investment required to earn Q space income from here.

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Flowers in Chania


Work together - Achieve together

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